Communication Arts Photography Competition: Submit Photos or Videos Before Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) March 13, 2015

Communication Arts (CA) invites you to enter their Communication Arts Photography Competition which is a juried competition for the best work in photography.

  • Any photograph first published or produced from March 2014 through March 2015 is eligible.
  • Entries may originate from any country.
  • Over 200 photographs from both well-known photographers and rising stars emerge from this prestigious Photography Competition.
  • Categories include advertising, editorial, for sale, motion and unpublished.
  • Winners are selected by a nationally representative panel of distinguished designers, art directors and photographers.

NEW: Student entries are now being accepted for all competitions.


  • Gain worldwide recognition for your work by entering the “most prestigious juried competitions in visual communications.”
  • The winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, in print and on the iPad, and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work.
  • As a service to art directors, designers and art buyers, a comprehensive index will carry contact information of the photographers represented.
  • Each winning entrant will receive a personalized Award of Excellence, milled from solid aluminum, and award certificates issued for firms, individuals and clients.

Communication Arts has six juried competitions that cover the entire field of visual communications. With winning entries published both in print and online, art and creative directors, graphic designers, Web designers, copywriters, photographers and illustrators find these competitions a priority for worldwide promotion and a valuable resource for potential clients and colleagues. View Previous Winners

CA’s Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. If chosen, winning places you in the highest ranks of your profession.

2015 Photography Jury

  • Arem Duplessis, creative director, Apple, Cupertino, CA
  • Jim Fiscus, photographer, Jim Fiscus Photography, Athens, GA
  • Lisa Lytton, associate creative director, ScrollMotion, San Diego, CA
  • Mitch Markussen, creative director, BVK, Milwaukee, WI
  • Krista Prestek, director of photography, GQ, New York, NY


  • Explanation of the function in English is very important to the judges.
  • Please click here for info about the Photography Competition Categories/Fees. These categories are judged by the Photography jury and will appear in the Photography Annual.
  • Please note:
    • Each photograph is a single entry. A printed piece with several photographs must have a dot or some other mark indicating which specific single photograph is to be judged. If a single photograph isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.
    • Campaigns or series are limited to five photographs. If the entry has more than five photographs, indicate which five are to be judged. If this isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.

Deadline: March 13, 2015; No entries will be accepted after March 27, 2015

      • Entries submitted after the deadline date require a $10 per entry late fee.
      • No entries will be accepted after March 27, 2015.

All competition entries are processed through Communication Arts’s online competition system.

For more details about this photography competition, please click here.

Submission of entries acknowledges the right of Communication Arts to use them for publication and exhibition….

You retain all rights to your images. If selected, you will need to grant us the right to reproduce the image or images for our online, digital and print-based publication….

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Good Luck!