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Sony Strikes Another (5th) News Agency Win: REUTERS Selects Sony A7S III as Their Reporters’ Main Camera

It is surprising that SONY is not hyping this news more loudly. After all, REUTERS is the fifth (5th) major news agency that has decided to standardize on Sony camera equipment, in this case specifically choosing the A7S III, PXW-Z280 Handheld Camcorder, G Master lenses and other Sony audio equipment. This decision follows those from the Associated Press (July 2020, A9 II, A7R IV), Britain’s PA Media Group (August 2021, A series, FX3), Gannett/USA Today (November 2021, A1, FX) and The Canadian Press (January 2022, A1 and A9 II).

Main reasons given by REUTERS for standardizing on Sony cameras and equipment include:

  • compact form factor
  • exceptional picture quality
  • advanced autofocus performance for hybrid use
  • outstanding low light performance
  • vast options of Sony lenses
  • seamless and reliable content transfer from the capture location back to the remote broadcast unit

The roll out to its journalists and on location reporters at 23 Reuters locations across the world started April 2024.

Cameras Fujifilm

Fujifilm instax WIDE 400 & mini LiPlay 2-in-1 Hybrid Instant Cameras

Fujifilm’s INSTAX WIDE Series of instant cameras are the only wide-format instant cameras on the market, and the FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE 400 Instant Camera (WIDE 400) is the latest model that uses the INSTAX WIDE instant film for large, wide prints. An updated design includes a self-timer, two-range focus modes, automatic exposure, and flash control.

FUJIFILM is also announcing several new stylish colour options for its INSTAX MINI LIPLAY Hybrid Instant Camera product line (MINI LiPlay), which provides 2-in-1 functionality as both a hybrid instant camera (with both digital and instant camera technologies) and a Smartphone printer. Initially introduced in 2019, the MINI LIPLAY now comes in three new colour varieties: Matcha Green, Misty White, and Deep Bronze. MINI LIPLAY features a variety of photo frames and filters available both in-App (using the free, downloadable INSTAX MINI LIPLAY Smartphone App) and in-camera to personalize images.


  • $199.99 CAD ($149.95 USD) for the WIDE 400 Instant Camera
  • $229.99 CAD ($169.95 USD) for the MINI LIPLAY Hybrid Instant Camera

Availability: Late June for WIDE 400 and mid-July for MINI LIPLAY at most major retailers in Canada


Living Large: FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE 400 Instant Camera Celebrates the Specialty Niche of Wide Format Instant Photography

New Stylish Colors Also Announced for INSTAX MINI LIPLAY 2-in-1 Hybrid Instant Camera and Smartphone Printer

MISSISSAUGA, ON., June 17, 2024 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Imaging Division, today announced the newest introduction to the market-leading FUJIFILM INSTAX family of instant cameras with the debut of its highly anticipated FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE 400 Instant Camera (WIDE 400). Fujifilm’s INSTAX WIDE Series of instant cameras are the only wide-format instant cameras on the market. WIDE 400 utilizes INSTAX WIDE instant film for large, wide prints (3.4 x 4.25 inches/86 x 108 cm) and features an updated design including a self-timer, two-range focus modes, automatic exposure, and flash control. Separately, the company also announced several new stylish color options for its INSTAX MINI LIPLAY Hybrid Instant Camera product line (MINI LiPlay), which provides 2-in-1 functionality as both a hybrid instant camera (with both digital and instant camera technologies) and a Smartphone printer.

“When it comes to instant photography, there is a niche segment of our user base dedicated to our wide print options,” said Bing Liem, division president, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “They have been very enthusiastic, especially through social media, about the next INSTAX WIDE product introduction. These people like to live large in all they do, so WIDE 400 allows them to take photos that include more background and more room to display their creativity. With the introduction of WIDE 400, we’re excited to offer an instant camera that can capture the user’s larger than life moments.”

Cameras Nikon Press Releases

Nikon Z6III Sets New Standards for an Enthusiast Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera With Partially-Stacked CMOS Sensor

Nikon has surprised everyone today with the Nikon Z6III full-frame mirrorless camera. Basically a mini-Z8, the Z6III features the first ever 24.5MP partially-stacked CMOS Sensor which makes it a fast and incredibly featured stills/video hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera at a competitive price point: CAD $3,399.95 (US $2,499.95) body-only, or CAD $4,199.95 (US $3,099.95) with the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 lens.

Nikon engineers have made a smart move going with a partially-stacked CMOS sensor, which provides better performance than a non-stacked sensor and can be built at a cheaper price than a fully stacked sensor without compromising much on capabilities. The partially-stacked CMOS sensor provides a faster readout than non-stacked sensors, enabling the Z6III to provide pre-release capture at up to 120fps, smooth EVF view of fast-moving subjects even when shooting continuously at 20fps, full HD/240P slow-motion video in 10-bit H.265, and in-camera 6K RAW and 5.4K ProRes 422 HQ.

Instead of hobbling a great camera with a so-so EVF, Nikon has opted to equip the Z6III with a 5.76M-dot EVF that can be dialed up to 4,000 nits (candelas/m2) of brightness. DCI-P3 gamut-equivalent compatibility provides true-to-life colors that makes looking through the EVF closer to viewing through an optical viewfinder.

The Z6III shoots in-camera 12-bit RAW video, records high-quality audio straight into the camera, keeps subjects sharp with 8 stops IBIS, keeps off-center subjects in focus with Focus Point VR, and allows direct and automatic transfer of images from camera to cloud storage services.

Then put in the excellent AF in the Z9/Z8, provide low-light AF sensitivity down to -10EV, and weatherproof the whole camera down to -10°C (14°F).

Compromises? There aren’t any to complain about. This is a fantastic camera.

We are once again seeing the intense (and exciting) competition that we once saw in the SLR and DSLR eras as each manufacturer in turn leapfrogs its competitors with a model with better specs. Currently, the Nikon Z6III has passed both of its closest competitors, the Sony A7 IV and Canon EOS R6 II. The race has just started.

Major Features:

  • 24.5MP full-frame partially-stacked CMOS sensor
  • Upgraded autofocus with 3D Tracking and Subject Recognition
  • AF sensitive down to −10 EV
  • Pre-Release Capture up to 120 fps
  • Internal 6K RAW video: 12-bit 6K/60p N-RAW, 6K/30p ProRes RAW, 10-bit 5.4K ProRes 422, H.265 video formats. Oversampled continuous 4K UHD/60p recording for up to 125 min. 10-bit Full HD/240p H.265 slow motion.
  • 5.76M-dot EVF is the brightest EVF of any mirrorless camera at up to 4,000 cd/m2 (nits). Supports a DCI-P3 equivalent color gamut.
  • 5-axis 8 stops IBIS
  • 3.2-in. 2.1M Vari-angle LCD
  • 96MP High-res Pixel Shift mode
  • Weather-proof body: Z8-level build quality with magnesium alloy, Sereebo® material, sealed against dust and moisture (to the same level as the Z8), and rated to 14°F/−10°C.



World’s First Partially-Stacked CMOS Sensor1 Gives Photographers and Filmmakers Flagship-Level Performance; Nikon Also Announces Nikon Imaging Cloud Online Service and Curated Image Recipes/em>

Nikon Z6III with NIKKOR 24-70mm F4 Lens

Nikon Z6III with NIKKOR 24-70mm F4 Lens

Mississauga, ON – June 17, 2024 – Today Nikon Canada Inc. announced the Z6III, a 24.5MP full-frame mirrorless camera that stands in a class of its own with an unmatched suite of powerful features that bring exceptional performance to both photographers and filmmakers. The Z6III is the world’s first camera with a partially-stacked CMOS sensor, delivering ultra-fast readout that unlocks blistering speeds and high frame rates in both photo and video modes. Other benefits include a truly immersive viewfinder experience with the brightest EVF of any mirrorless camera,1 and a wide range of pro-level features inherited from Nikon’s acclaimed Z8 and Z9 flagship camerass.

The combination of the Z6III’s unique new sensor design and EXPEED 7 image processing engine results in an approximately 3.5x increase to readout speed compared to the previous-generation Z6II. This unlocks enhanced performance across the board, enabling benefits such as 6K internal N-RAW and ProRes RAW video, Full HD video up to 240p, and rapid continuous shooting of stills up to 120 fps with Pre-Release Capture. However, the camera’s incredible performance goes far beyond just frame rates. The Z6III features an impressively fast AF system inherited from the Z8 and Z9, which includes highly advanced multi-subject detection with the speed and accuracy needed for maximum confidence.

Cameras Pentax Ricoh

PENTAX 17 Half-Frame Film Camera


Ricoh announces the PENTAX 17 compact film camera

With a retro-inspired design and half-frame photo format, the PENTAX 17 is the perfect camera for first-time film photographers who want to share their images on social media

PARSIPPANY, New Jersey, June 17, 2024 — Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the highly anticipated PENTAX 17 compact film camera. The PENTAX 17 is a half-frame camera, capturing two 17mm x 24mm pictures within a single 35mm-format (36mm x 24mm) film frame. It produces vertical-format pictures, with similar ratios to those captured by smartphones, for seamless sharing on social media after the film is developed and scans are produced by a film lab.

The popularity of film cameras has grown rapidly in recent years — especially among young photographers — because of the distinctive, somewhat nostalgic experience provided that is so different from using digital cameras. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the global film camera market is projected to be 5.2% through 2030 and a quick search of the hashtag #filmphotography on Instagram pulls up more than 42.6 million posts.

Borne out of the PENTAX Film Camera Project, a concept first announced in December of 2022, the new camera resulted from a close collaboration between Ricoh Imaging and PENTAX experts and younger engineers. The experts shared their vast knowledge and decades of experience in film and imaging technology with the current team members to design a film camera that would allow photographers to express their originality and creativity by leaving some room for manual operation, rather than making it a fully automatic camera.

Featured Site Nikon

Nikon Self-Service Repair Website

Nikon now provides a self-service website for those products that are no longer covered by warranty. Those who want to attempt a repair by themselves can download a product’s service manual, determine the necessary parts and tools needed for the repair and even order any specialized tools and parts needed. There are two types of repair manuals: for NIKKOR Z Mount Lenses and Laser Rangefinders/Rangefinder Binoculars.

That’s the plan. However, as of writing, and looking at what’s available for lenses, there is only one lens repair manual listed: for the NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR lens (is this lens more prone to be damaged?)

There are also only 7 tools listed, one of which is a Lens Cleaning Stick and the other six are various lubricants (3 of which are already out of stock and the others are listed as limited stock available).

There are 54 parts listed, ranging from various rings, screws, washers, nuts and other rollers.

It is safe to say that this website is just starting out. On the other hand, less products listed may mean that Nikon build and construction quality is really good and there are not too many Nikon products that get damaged easily? Or, all lenses are similarly constructed and knowing how to repair one means that you could repair a different one? Anyway, browsing thru the 51-page NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR lens repair manual is enough to convince me that self-service repair is not for yours truly.

Nikon lists two important gotchas to keep in mind:

  • Performing repairs yourself may affect your product’s Nikon Inc. limited warranty. If your product is still covered by Nikon Inc.’s limited warranty, we recommend that you schedule service with Nikon Inc.
  • Please understand, Nikon Inc.’s service department will not assist with or complete your self-service repair.

If these two warnings change your mind about performing the repair yourself, you can always go ahead and Schedule a Nikon Factory Repair.

> Visit the Nikon Self-Service Repair website