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Will the Nikon Z 6III Be a Mini Z 8?

How’d you like a Nikon Z 8 in the body the size of the Z 6? That would be fantastic, eh? Well, can’t promise anything, but Nikon is releasing the Nikon Z 6III full-frame mirrorless camera next Monday June 17 at 8:00am ET, and is highlighting a couple of features:
– Pre-capture shooting (“I could capture even before I pressed the shutter.”)
– Better higher resolution EVF (“In a bright situation, if I can see better, I can create better.”)
– Improved dynamic range (“All the beautiful colors…”)

I know that’s not much to go on, but the next one may hint at more to come:
– Improved performance (“Ready to perform?”)

While the Nikon Z 8 (and Z 9) is one of the best full-frame mirrorless camera available, it is still huge and heavy by mirrorless camera standards. So, if Nikon could really squeeze most of the Z 8 features into a Z 6 body, it would immediately position the Z 6III to compete head-to-head with Sony’s much more compact A7 (or even A9) series full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Just in case you’re wondering, here is a size comparison (courtesy of of the Z 6II and the Z 8:

Size comparison: Nikon Z 6II vs. Nikon Z 8

Size comparison: Nikon Z 6II vs. Nikon Z 8

(The Nikon Z 6III is rumored to be just slightly bigger and heavier than the Z 6II but with a body design more in tune with the Z 8.)

The competition promises to heat up…