Firmware Updates Nikon

Nikon Posts Firmware Updates for Z 9 (Ver.4.01) and Z 8 (Ver.1.01)

Our modern mirrorless camera is becoming more like a computer and the thousands lines of codes required to program its firmware are bound to contain a few bugs.

Here are the firmware bugs that are being fixed for the Nikon Z 9 (Ver.4.01):

  • The camera would in rare circumstances stop responding or fail to record a video correctly if an attempt for video recording took place after the standby timer had expired then reactivated with [Frame size/frame rate] set to 1920 × 1080 in the VIDEO RECORDING MENU.
  • The [Choose image area] and [Switch FX/DX] roles assigned to camera controls were disabled when a slow-motion video option was selected.
  • The first shot in burst photography would sometimes fail to acquire appropriate white balance when [Auto] or [Natural light auto] was selected for white balance.
  • If shooting continued while [ON] was selected for [PHOTO SHOOTING MENU] > [Photo flicker reduction], the photo live view display would be partially disrupted.

> Download Nikon Z 9 Ver.4.01 Firmware Update

Here are the firmware bugs that are being fixed for the Nikon Z 8 (Ver.1.01):

  • Changed the timing of the high-temperature warnings appearing when the camera’s internal temperature increases mainly during video recording.
  • Changed the position where the memory card high-temperature warning is displayed in video mode.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • The battery would draw down more quickly while the camera was off if [ON] was selected for [Connect to smart device] > [Wi-Fi connection] in the [NETWORK MENU] even if [OFF] was selected for both [Bluetooth connection] and [Upload while off].
    • Focus could still be adjusted using the focus ring when [Disable] was selected for a15 [Manual focus ring in AF mode] in the [CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU] if an option other than [Non-linear] was chosen for f9 [Focus ring rotation range] in the [CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU].
    • SB-800 flash units would sometimes stop responding after pictures were taken with the flash disabled.

> Download Nikon Z 8 Ver.1.01 Firmware Update