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If you have a news tip, a product you want us to review, or want to post as a guest, the best way to contact us is to use the form below.

If you are submitting a blog post or a news tip, check the “Yes, I grant Photoxels permission to publish” checkbox to be considered for publication. We only accept posts and tips pertaining to photography and reserve the right to refuse a submitted post.


It is very easy to write for Photoxels. We accept posts that are relevant to photography and that will benefit our readers.

This is a family site, so articles and photos must be tailored to that audience.

In addition, we have the following requirements:

1. Though, on the odd times, you might see us post articles on other subjects, we however only accept guest articles related to imaging technology (i.e., cameras, related products and lifestyle). These can be news tips, reviews, tutorials, anecdotes, rumors, etc. and can be serious or funny.
2. Articles must be personal in nature, i.e. the author MUST have personal experience in what he or she is writing about. We want you to share something of value — that you have lived, learned and experienced. We are not interested in information that anyone can curate from the Internet. Keep it personal.
3. You should preferably include one or more photos with your article. The photos must be your own and, by including them, you automatically give us permission to publish them. You retain all rights to your photos. If you do not include any photos with your article, you give us permission to use one of our own as an accompanying picture to your article.
3. An article that is simply a compilation of what’s currently on the Internet, or photos curated from Unsplash, Getty, or other sites, will not be considered.
4. You cannot have any advertisement and/or ad links in your article.

We receive quite a number of guest post submissions, but most fail on Rule #3. If you are writing a tutorial about photography, but have no personal photos to back up your claims, then there is no value to our readers. We want real-life experiences where you struggled with taking a particular type of photo and finally succeeded, and are now willing to share that experience. This experience makes you an expert. This has value.

So, once again, just curating info from the Internet and sticking photos from third-party sites to illustrate what you are saying is NOT going to pass muster.

Requests for Links, SEO, Articles not related to Photography will not be considered.