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Enjoy photography! At Photoxels, we cover the important news about cameras and photography. We started shooting on film, witnessed the birth of digital and championed the move to mirrorless. We scour the Internet to curate all the important info for a camera and share with you what actual users are saying about it. There’s no best camera — only the camera that’s best for you. So, armed with real info, you can make an informed decision about your purchase. We believe that photography and the cameras that make it possible are meant to be enjoyed.

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Disclaimers: Our Errors & Making Your Own Decision
Though we try to be very careful about the information we put on this site, errors may creep in and manufacturers may change specifications. Included accessories and available colors vary by country. Please verify with the manufacturer’s site for the latest specifications before making a purchase.

Readers also often ask us for digital camera recommendations. We cannot recommend which digital camera is the best one for you because there are too many personal variables to consider. We try to cover all the best digital cameras and provide a number of independent reviews for each camera you may be interested in. When we recommend a product, it’s because we like it — you and other reviewers may have a different opinion. And that’s fine. So, do not base your purchase decision on our personal opinions or that of only one reviewer; we all have personal bias, so by all means, get a second opinion. You are the best person to decide which digital camera is best for you.

The products that are reviewed on this site are mostly loaned to us by the manufacturers, after which the products are returned to the manufacturers. A review is usually based on an actual production model, is unbiased and a result of actual use and testing of the product during the loan period.

Sometimes a manufacturer will allow us to keep a product that we have reviewed (small items, downloaded software) and we will clearly disclose this as per the FTC’s guidelines on what is considered an endorsement. If a manufacturer pays us a fee to blog about a product, we will clearly mark it as a “SPONSORED POST” (though we often post something for no monetary gain simply because we feel it can help our readers).

FTC Guidelines Governing Endorsements and Testimonials


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