Firmware Updates Panasonic

Panasonic S5II Firmware Update V2.2 & S5IIX Firmware Update Ver.1.3 Now Available

Both the Panasonic S5II Firmware Update V2.2 and the Panasonic S5IIX Firmware Update Ver.1.3 resolve the same issues:

  1. [AF-Point Scope] Function has been added
    – Added an AF point scope function that allows you to enlarge the focus position during AF.
  2. High resolution mode function has been enhanced
    – It is now possible to set the shutter speed up to 8 seconds in the High Resolution mode. In addition, [Long Exposure NR] can be used.
    – Thanks to the image stabilizer, [Handheld High-Res] mode has been added to enable recording pictures with higher resolution even without using a tripod.
    * During [Handheld High-Res] mode, the shutter speed can be set at max 1 second.
  3. MF Assist Magnification Setting has been added
    – It is now possible to magnify the full screen mode display in MF Assist up to approx. 20 times when recording pictures.
  4. Other performance improvements
    – Improved the switching speed between LCD and LVF.
    – Improved viewfinder visibility between continuous shooting frames.
    – Improved operational stability.

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