Small Is Beautiful When It Comes To Photojournalism

There’s an interesting article by Dan Havlik over at PDN on how Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Larry Price prefers to use his Olympus E-P3 with the 12mm pancake lens to keep his photography as discreete as possible. He finds it unobstrusive and that allows him to fit into many uncomfortable situations and to capture revealing moments without attracting attention.

Another photojournalist, Karim Ben Khelifa, took some shots with his iPhone for fun — and found that his editor wanted more. The iPhone allows him to be invisible, not tagged as a photojournalist and ignored. Perfect for capturing images quickly.

And then there’s photojournalist Michael Kamber who eschews the big DSLRs for his Leica M9.

What’s your story? Have you ditched your traditional mirrored DSLR for a mirrorless DSLR? Let’s hear about it.

Read the article at: PDN.