Canon “Considering” Compact Mirrorless

The compact mirrorless market is in the news again with this time Masaya Maeda, head of Canon’s camera division, proclaiming Canon’s desire (“We are considering the technical aspects”) to enter this market segment.

Canon have so far been very hesitant to put out their own compact mirrorless models for fear of cannibalizing sales of their own existing DSLRs.

This reminds me of Kodak’s early fears of pushing further into the digital market so as not to stomp on its lucrative film sales. What is film, some of you younger ones may be asking? I hear ya. I just hope Canon also does as far as the compact mirrorless market goes. We’re watching history in the making, folks, as the major players in the camera industry gets fixated on current sales figures and lose vision of the future.

Read the article at: Reuters.