Canon to develop new Large Sensor Zoom Camera

Canon has posted an interesting aside on its Hong Kong press release:

New PowerShot Digital Compact Camera Under Development
Featuring large image sensor, high zoom capability and compact body

Canon is developing a new premium digital compact camera that combines the merits of both large image sensor and high-magnification optical zoom lens in response to the demands from users looking for high quality high zoom performance. Offering both convenience from a compact body and excellent super telephoto performance, this camera is perfect for everyday or travel shooting in high quality.

The question is, what qualifies as “large image sensor” when talking about travel zoom cameras (as seem to be implied in the press release)? Anything less than 1-in. image sensor will not cut it. Any aperture less than F2.8 will fall short of its competition. That said, we welcome any “high quality” development in this segment of the market.

via photorumors