Looks Like Digital DSLRs Are Only Now Catching Up With Film SLRs

Canon F-1 High Speed Motor Drive

Canon F-1 High Speed Motor Drive

The editors at PopPhoto do have a long memory. They have dug up Canon’s first 14fps 35mm film SLR: the Canon F-1 equipped with the High Speed Motor Drive. That camera combo was introduced in 1984 and was targeted to press photographers attending the Winter Olympics.

It was equipped with a fixed pellicle mirror and a four-axis, horizontal-travel, focal-plane electromagnetic shutter with metal curtains. One of three shooting speeds can be set. At the H setting, the camera can zip through a 36-exposure roll of film in 2.57 sec. at 14 fps.

Metering was stopped-down TTL with the aperture stopped down automatically during the continuous shooting exposure. If you don’t like the vertical design with the power pack attached to the camera bottom, you can detach it and use it separately. The camera requires two dedicated power packs (totaling 24 V) housing ten 1.2 V size-AA Ni-Cd batteries.

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