Canon. Criticisms. Constructive. Which word does not belong?

Canon has taken a beating lately with autofocus problems in its top pro DSLR and image softness in its latest enthusiast DSLRs, leaving Nikon as King of DSLR. So opines Michael Pino in his latest blog post, titled “Some Constructive Canon Criticisms.”

Sorry, Mike, camera manufacturers never take criticisms as constructive, but we get your point.

Read the article at: MikePino.


  • I know that any company rarely takes their user’s criticisms as constructive. I just wanted to put something out there so people don’t lose hope. Every company goes through a down period. Look at Apple or Nintendo: they didn’t always have the iPad or Wii. But now they are back on top. Such a move had to come from internal reactions from their consumer base.