Mirrorless Camera Market Prediction

The New York Times published a REUTERS article on the future of mid-tier camera makers, namely Panasonic, Olympus and Fujifilm.

The mirrorless cameras have been a hit in Japan but have yet to catch on in the United States and Europe. The problem seems to be that they insist on competing with smartphones where consumers prize connectivity over picture quality. Consumers also don’t really want to connect cameras to phones, prefering a single interface that can instantly upload photographs to social networking sites.

Even though mirrorless cameras have improved to the point where they’re equivalent, if not superior, to traditional-mirrored DSLRs, North American consumers apparently still tend to equate image quality with size and heft, though that is changing.

A surprising data is that Sony’s QX has sold well with demand outstripping production, though Sony did not set any targets.

Read the article at: NYTimes.