Choosing Between A Traditional DSLR And A Compact Mirrorless DSLR

Thom Hogan has an insightful article on what pros are now choosing when it’s between a traditional DSLR and a compact mirrorless DSLR. The decisive moment comes “When a DSLR user decides it’s time to upgrade and they have a choice of same-old-big-beast and a competent smaller choice, a lot of them are picking the smaller choice.

These are exciting times. Often, we get passed by historical events and we then look back and wonder how, for example, digital steamrolled film. Just ask the younger generation in high school today and you’ll get blank stares concerning film. You currently have the privilege to be a first-hand observer (and user) of the gradual — but inevitable — passing of the traditional mirrored DSLR to the compact mirrorless DSLR (and not-so-compact ones). Expect a new breed of DSLRs to start showing its faces in the years ahead as companies vie for first spot. Those who are too timid or take too long to join the race may well be left standing at the gate.

Read the article at: Sansmirror.