Fujifilm Has Samsung and Nikon In Its Aim, Wants To Be #3, Hints At Compact Mirrorless

Perhaps bolstered by the success of the FinePix X100, Takeshi Higuchi, head of the Fujifilm’s camera division, has gone on record saying that Fujifilm plans to overtake Samsung (#4 camera maker) by next March and then Nikon (#3 camera maker) two years later.

[According to Fujifilm, they are 5th in digital still camera unit “sales” after Canon, Sony, Nikon and Samsung.]

That’s a bold statement especially since both rival camera manufacturers have also stated their claims to overtake the companies ahead of them.

Fujifilm plans a marketing push to position itself in the public’s eye as a luxury brand that will help it keep unit prices high.

It also hints at — and makes the bold claim that it can easily launch — a compact mirrorless model with its own branded lenses, with all the important development done in-house.

Oh boy, is the compact mirrorless category about to erupt or what?

Read the article at: Reuters.