CSCs vs DSLRs: Who’s Winning?

An Amateur Photographer article raises interesting points concerning the future of Compact System Cameras (CSCs). Based on UK data only, the CSCs sold 46,000 units less this year than last year, 100,000 vs 146,000 units. However, the conclusion seems to be that more education is needed to help North American and European consumers understand the advantages of the CSC over a traditional-mirrored DSLR.

This reminds me of the early days of the Apple Mac, which business people then considered a “toy.” When I recommended one to a new university student, he got back to me a couple of months later a bit miffed that he could not download all the popular software that his friends could on their IBM and clone PCs. Today, too, there are more accessories for the traditional-mirrored DSLR than the mirrorless DSLRs.

Oh, how times have changed! Today, Apple products rule while the PCs are retreating. The CSCs are also approaching that tipping point when one product will have such compelling technology in it that traditional-mirrored DSLR just can’t have, and then the moat will be breached.

As our latest Fujifilm X-T1 review shows, the CSC (aka mirrorless DSLR) has come a long way to challenge the traditional-mirrored DSLR.

There is no doubt in my mind that CSCs, in its current form or another form, will win. As camera technology moves forward, there is simply no compelling reason — or room — for a mirror anymore, so new cameras won’t have a mirror.