Popular Science Announces, R.I.P. DSLR

Popular Science claims that the DSLR “has left the building,” (so to speak) as they report from Photokina 2012. The obvious choice for an aspiring photographer, they say, is not the DSLR anymore, but one of the many mirrorless cameras on the market.

Just getting into photography? Great! When you’re looking for a camera, keep on walking past those DSLRs–as of now, their moment is over.


DSLRs have serious weaknesses for the entry-level photographer, and suddenly there are options without those weaknesses.

Photokina this year has been, in large part, about making tiny, easy-to-use cameras with startlingly good image quality. Here’s what you should buy instead of a bulky, difficult DSLR.

It’s a bold call to make as we witness DSLRs reaching the zenith of their capabilities with affordable Full Frame DSLRs and integrated HD video.

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