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Hack an old camera to build an Infragram

As it’s name implies, the Infragram detects near-infrared light and functions as a photosynthesis detector. A what? A detector that detects when plant life is absorbing light energy and converting it into the sugars it needs to survive and grow. Not interested?

Well, the Infragram also captures a lovely alternate color view of nature that goes beyond simple infra-red photography.

For about less than $10, you can convert any old point-and-shoot camera you are about ready to toss out into an Infragram and impress colleagues and friends.

You do have to send your pictures to for post-processing into the final image. In the process, you’ll be helping researchers learn more about the health of our plants.

Read the instructions at: popular science.

WARNING: This procedure involve opening up a camera and accessing various parts. Capacitors that power a camera’s flash can deliver a dangerous shock even long after batteries are removed. Attempt at your own risk.