Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1: Product Videos

This video presents [Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1] Official Commercial.

Equipped with Samsung’s very own DRIMe V Image Processor, the NX1 gives you the latest in speed, quality and functionality to take your photography to the next level. Bring time to a standstill and focus on what’s important as you capture 15fps while continuously tracking your subject. Let the 28MP APS-C Sensor with BSI – Back Side Illumination and the camera’s Adaptive Noise Reduction Technology create superbly natural-looking images regardless of the conditions around you. Play your video footage on a UHD screen and be amazed by the remarkable detail captured by the NX 1’s 4K recording power.

The following video presents [Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1 4K/UHD Video] Madagascar in Detail:

It takes a special kind of camera to pick up on the finer details in the world around us. The NX1’s 4K UHD recording power brilliantly captures the sweeping vista of this African country’s remarkable landscape, the incredible colors of a chameleon, down to the tiniest sparkle in the gloriously spectacular night sky. The NX1 is all you need to capture it all.