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Samsung, in Partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, is Donating 500 Tablets with the “Look at Me” Interactive Camera App to Canadians with Autism & Supporting Organizations: Apply Online Before 11:59 pm EST on Nov. 3, 2017

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Many children with autism have trouble making eye contact.

The following video presents Learn The Love Spectrum:
Technology can help children with autism show their love in many ways, supporting them in fostering connections with their families. To Learn The Love Spectrum visit

To help more families share their love through technology, Samsung, in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, is donating 500 tablets with The Look At Me app to families living with autism.

Samsung Canada, in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, is donating 500 tablets as part of The Look At Me Project.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets will be given to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and organizations supporting those living with autism. 300 are available for individuals and 200 are available for organizations.
  • If you are a family living with autism you can apply between Oct 3, 2017 – Nov 3, 2017 to be a recipient of a Samsung tablet, preloaded with the Look At Me app,* at
*Some conditions apply
  • There are two types of application forms available: (i) Individuals and (ii)Organizations.
  • Individuals and organizations must reside in Canada.
  • Individuals who received a tablet through the Look At Me Project in previous years are not eligible.
  • The Look at Me app is preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
  • The Look at Me app is also available on Google Play Store for FREE download.
Samsung: The Look at Me app

Samsung: The Look at Me app

About The Look At Me App:

The Look At Me app aims to improve an individual’s ability to make eye contact. A multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, cognitive psychologists and psychiatrists have dedicated their participation in developing the app curriculum. The app is currently under clinical testing to verify its effectiveness through research.

The app keeps children motivated and highly concentrated by using the camera function of digital devices that often appeal to children’s interests. It also features a point system, themed missions, various rewards, and visual or sound effects to keep children engaged. Levels can be customized based on the children’s achievements. Each mission in the app requires interaction between caregivers and their children to encourage positive relationships and connections.

The recommended time to use the Look At Me app is 15-20 minutes each day. The app also gives feedback to parents on their children’s daily performance progress through a systematic caregiver dashboard.

The Look At Me Project

Tablet recipients will be notified by December 1, 2017.

  • Each tablet will be distributed by Samsung Canada and Autism Speaks Canada to the selected individuals and organizations across Canada.
  • After receiving the tablet(s), an online community is available for families and organizations to share progress and moments of connections (e.g.: pictures or videos).

For more info, please visit .

If you have any questions, please email: or call 1 888 362 6227 ext. 216.