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Samsung’s “Look at Me” Interactive Camera App Helps Children with Autism: Celebrate the Start of Autism Awareness Month at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada, on April 1, 2016, at 5 pm: #WhoEyeAm Gallery and Light It Up Blue Celebration

This is an update to the previous blog, Samsung Won Several Prestigious Honors at the Cannes Lions 2015: “Look at Me” Interactive Camera App Helps Children with Autism; Smartphone App “Backup Memory” Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Via Photos & Videos.

Samsung Canada donated 200 tablets in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada as part of The Look at Me Project, designed to create a shared community to connect families with similar experiences. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets were preloaded with the Look at Me app and given to 200 families living with autism.

  • The Look at Me app aims to improve an individual’s ability to make eye contact through digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

 A multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, cognitive psychologists, and psychiatrists have dedicated their participation in developing the app’s curriculum. The app is currently under clinical testing to verify its effectiveness through research.

The app keeps children motivated and highly concentrated by using the camera function of digital devices that often appeal to children’s interests. It also features a point system, themed missions, various rewards, and visual or sound effects to keep children engaged. Levels can be customized based on the children’s achievements. Each mission in the app requires interaction between parents and their children to encourage positive relationships and connections.

The following video presents Samsung Look at Me Project – Niam’s Story:

The number of children living with autism is growing. We believe technology can help them connect to the world around them. Watch Niam’s story to see how he communicates through his art and Samsung’s Look at Me app.

Every child with autism has so much to share. That’s why Samsung Canada has proudly partnered with Autism Speaks Canada for The Look at Me Project.

Samsung and Autism Speaks Canada invite you to join them for World Autism Awareness Day:

Samsung LOOK AT ME project - Niam's Story

Samsung LOOK AT ME project – Niam’s Story

Celebrate the start of Autism Awareness Month at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 1, 2016, at 5 pm. Join them to learn more about Niam and explore his artwork through the gallery and Light It Up Blue.

Niam created a blue painting to Light It Up Blue in celebration of World Autism Awareness Day. Show your support for Niam and other children with autism by sharing his artwork for the entire month of April.

In celebration of Samsung’s commitment to Autism Awareness through the Look At Me Project, we’re casting a bright blue aura of support over downtown Toronto to kick off Light it Up Blue and Autism Awareness Month with Autism Speaks Canada.

We will be building a giant geodesic dome in yonge-dundas square to bring Niam’s ‘WhoEyeAm’ gallery to the community.

Come join us on April 1st at 5pm to support the kick off of Autism Awareness Month.

Throughout April, Autism Awareness Month, you can apply to be a recipient of a Samsung tablet with the Look At Me app. Or donate to Autism Speaks Canada and help more children with autism receive a Samsung tablet with the Look At Me app.

“Cailin and her family were one of those 200 families. The project was started in the hopes of facilitating more meaningful connections between parents, caregivers, and their children, and in Cailin’s case, the project provided a pivotal turning point.”

The following video presents This Mother’s Day, Mom got the gift of laughter. It took 17 years.:

Mother’s Day will feel a little different this year for Cynthia and her daughter Cailin. In partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, Samsung donated 200 Galaxy Tab S’ pre-loaded with the Look at Me App. The app hopes to facilitate more meaningful connections between parents, caregivers, and their children. Here’s the story of one family and the impact the Look at Me App had on their lives.