Samsung Invites You to Vote for the Best Design Idea & Win a Galaxy Alpha Until Nov.30, 2014


This is an update to the previous blog, Design.Samsung “ReMake it Meaningful” Contest: Submit Photos of Your Practical Creation Made of Used Paper Packages Oct.20-Nov.7, 2014 (17:00 KST).

For the first round, 8 Design experts carefully chose 10 design ideas based on appearance, creativity, practicality, and overall completeness. You can cast a vote among the 10 nominees at the Design Samsung Site.

Second Round winners will be selected by internet voters!

Now, it’s time to vote for your favourite design ideas.

  • You can also win a Samsung Galaxy Alpha if you vote.
    • You can only vote once for a total of 3 designs.
      • You will have 3 chances to vote but you will need to confirm yourself by logging in with your Facebook account.
  • You cannot cast a vote to the same nominee more than once.
  • You cannot cancel or change your vote after you have voted.
  • 2 lucky will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a new ‘Galaxy Alpha’.
    • The final prize may be subject to change, but any replacement prizes will maintain the same monetary value.
    • Winners of the ‘Galaxy Alpha’ cannot choose their preferred mobile provider.
    • Winners will be responsible for taxes on any prizes received

The best design idea that has the highest score from the 1st round and the most number of votes received from this round will receive a Gold Award Cash Prize.

Please click here for more info.

Good Luck!