Samsung Will Unveil The Next Galaxy Smartphone With New, Advanced Cameras on March 1, 2015: Product Teaser

Samsung: The Next Galaxy. Image extracted from video below.

Samsung: The Next Galaxy. Image extracted from video below.

The Evolution of Cameras on Samsung Mobile Phones is depicted in a very interesting infographic at

Here are the more innovative camera features of the 2014 models of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Image extracted from Samsung's infographic, "The Evolution of Cameras on Samsung Mobile Phones"

Image extracted from Samsung’s infographic, “The Evolution of Cameras on Samsung Mobile Phones”

Samsung gives us the following hints and a very intriguing teaser about The Next Galaxy which will be launched on 1 March 2015, in Barcelona, Spain, the day before the Mobile World Congress will officially start:

…Aggressively investing in R&D, we accepted the challenge of integrating a more powerful camera into the slim body of a smartphone…

We want to make the resulting images as close as possible to what you actually see with your eyes…

We meticulously evaluate every single facet of our smartphone cameras by taking over 10,000 photos in every imaginable lighting environment for analysis. The same passion and dedication has been put into building the cameras for the release of our 2015 flagship model. It will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button.

It will demonstrate just how far Samsung has advanced smartphone cameras, and once again will open the creative side of our users for new ideas and new possibilities.

At Samsung, camera innovation continues.

by DongHoon Jang

This video presents Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 – The Next Galaxy.

The design inspiration.
Find out what’s next on March 1st in Barcelona.

There will be a video livestream of the event – which will be available on Samsung Mobile’s Youtube channel  and also on Samsung Tomorrow.