Happy New Year 2014!

We wish our readers a Happy and Safe New Year 2014! We hope it has been a good year for all of you — photographers, camera manufacturers, retailers.

We have seen lots of new mirrorless cameras, with incredibly high quality lenses. We’ve seen the arrival of full frame mirrorless and 2014 should reveal more of these.

In fact, 2014 may prove a defining year for a couple of camera manufacturers, whether they will embrace change and progress — or stay behind with what they are most comfortable with. We are talking about the traditional-mirrored DSLR manufacturers which will continue to make ever better DSLRs…

In spite of a gloom and doom prediction from NYTimes/REUTERS, the future of digital photography is becoming clearer: it’s mirrorless, high ISO quality images, fast, and seamlessly connected to our smartphone and tablet. It’s cameras that can be remotely controlled by our smartphone and tablet, that saves images directly to an external drive that is itself connected and sends selected images to our editor back at the office.

It’s being able to compose right on a 7-inch or 10-inch tablet screen, touch edit right on the spot. It’s cameras that work with you, the way you work — not against you. It works plug-n-play at the get-go, no user manual or 50,000 easy steps to just get Wi-Fi to work. No, we do not want to connect our camera to our smartphone to obtain connectivity; we want our camera to have connectivity built-in and connect to our smartphone or tablet with a tap so we can use the larger screen as a remote viewfinder/controller. No lag. Excellent user experience. We’re not quite there yet, but getting closer.

So, here’s to a better 2014 as far as mirrorless cameras are concerned. And if you have not tried a mirrorless yet, go get your hand on one. You’ll be delighted!