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Nikon teases its first Full-Frame Mirrorless

All rumors (and company breadcrumbs) point to Nikon being poised to enter into the mirrorless arena in a big way. After dabbling half-heartedly with the Nikon 1 system (which has now been discontinued) with a 1-inch sensor and some of the fastest mirrorless cameras ever (but unfortunately woefully lacking in quality lenses), Nikon may be ready to embrace the mirrorless paradigm with the full weight of its camera department behind it.

In a video teaser, Nikon reiterates its “ongoing mission heading into the future: to guide light into forming superb pictures.” It’s interesting that at the 0:38 mark, we see the light make a right-angle turn. For a moment there, I saw in my mind’s eye light being reflected 90° by a mirror, and panicked. Breathe. Certainly, this must indicate a change of course from DSLRs to mirrorless, eh?

At the end, there is a camera in silhouette and, compared to the camera body, that lens mount opening (new Z-Mount) just seems positively huge.

So, no need to tell you that we are all excitedly waiting to see whether Nikon is going to make a splashy entrance with its full-frame professional mirrorless camera. If the rumors pan out, then we can in fact expect two full-frame cameras as compact and light as — and competing head-on with — the leading Sony a7 series, and a number of quality lenses to start out with.

Stay tuned.

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