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Nikon Teases Its New Mirrorless Mount

In what will probably amount to one of its most significant announcement (or we will be sorely disappointed), Nikon’s marketing department continues to drop breadcrumbs for us to follow.

It has published video teaser #2 today, revealing just a little bit more about its new mirrorless camera’s body form and dimensions, as well as its new Z-mount (what we believe it will be called). The current Nikon F-mount is legendary, having stayed the course since the first Nikon F film camera came out in April 1959, and transitioning into digital SLR cameras.

For its new professional mirrorless camera, Nikon has really no choice but to transition to a new mount. It’s a tall order but Nikon promises that “Building on that technology and DNA [i.e. the F-mount], we’re now aiming for new heights [with the new Z-mount].” In fact, in the video below, they claim to be “preparing for the next 100 years” and that “this new mount is Nikon’s response to the challenges of the future [and a] Gateway to a New Dimension.”

We like where this is going. No more half-hearted attempts at mirrorless, but recognizing that, for the next 100 years, mirrorless is the future. And, if you invest in the new Nikon Z-mount lenses, you’ll be guaranteed compatibility with all future Nikon mirrorless cameras. At least, that’s what we understand the marketing message to be.

As you watch the video, also notice that (except for a brief appearance for the Nikomat/Nikkormat, the consumer version of the Nikon professional model,) Nikon seems to be positioning its new full-frame mirrorless as a direct descendant of its top-of-the-line SLRs and DSLRs, so is that another hint that the new Nikon mirrorless will be a flagship camera targeted to professional photographers?

And, may the presence of the Nikkormat in the video also indicate that there will also be a consumer version of its mirrorless camera? So, we may in fact be seeing two mirrorless cameras announced: a flagship full-frame mirrorless and a consumer version.

Interestingly, there are placeholders on Nikon’s mirrorless site for 4 more video teasers, so we can expect one new video teaser per week until the Grand Final Reveal on August 23.

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