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Samsung: NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled Smartphones and Printers Let You Easily Print Photos & Documents from Your Smartphones

The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, uses NFC for its digital guides
The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, uses NFC for its digital guides

This video presents Samsung Smart Printing – 04 NFC Print.

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows us to communicate with other devices by just touching them or putting them very close together (no more than a few inches).

NFC is a non-contact communication method based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), which uses:

  • a “low frequency of 13.56MHz, and
  • the half-duplex method which means two parties can communicate to each other, but one at a time; NFC can send and receive data, but not simultaneously.”

Here are other highlighs of NFC.

  • Wirelessly transmit small amount of data only within a close range while other methods, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, have a wide transmit range of up to 10, even 100m.
    • The devices must be within 4cm of each other before they can transmit information via NFC.
  • Due to its close transmit range, it is less vulnerable to data hijacking and, thus, more secure compared to Wi-Fi.
  • It is convenient because you simply need to tag.

NFC-enabled Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy SⅡ was one of the earliest Android devices to natively support NFC.

Samsung recently introduced its 3rd generation NFC, S3FWRN5, which is featured in Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge smartphones.

  • NFC S3FWRN5 has high radio frequency performance & ‘Smart Antenna’.
  • Security is enhanced.
  • Also, the S3FWRN5 has Samsung’s low power sensing (LPS) technology that reduces power requirements approximately 25 percent when compared to Samsung’s second-most-recent NFC product. 

The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, uses NFC for its digital guides so that:

  • the digital guides can explain the works of art through voice and display to the visitors; and
  • users can download the image of the piece they like on their mobile device by selecting the preferred picture on the digital guide and bringing their mobile device close to it.

NFC-enabled Printers

Samsung introduced various NFC-enabled printers since the Xpress C410W series, the industry’s first NFC enabled color laser printer and multi-function printers (MFPs) which have print, copy, scan and fax capabilities.

  • These printers can connect to your mobile device via NFC, so you can print pictures, documents, e-mails, and web content by simply tapping your smartphones on the printer.
  • These C410W series have been specifically designed with the home and small office user in mind who wants to print content from their smartphones.

Samsung Tomorrow:

Samsung Tomorrow:

Additionally, owners of Samsung’s GALAXY smartphones and Galaxy Tab series have the added benefit of being able to print images from the gallery app, documents, email and web browser pages.

This video presents Get Print on Tap – Just tap to print with the new NFC Printer.

Smartphone, meet smart printer. Watch this short video to see how one printer can change everything.
Live smart and work effortlessly with the Samsung Printer Xpress C410/460 Series.

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