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Samsung #DITCHTHEDSLR Free Event in Times Square: Ditch Your DSLR for Mirrorless NX Cameras June 4, 2014

Samsung will be hosting the first ever #DitchTheDSLR Ditch Day FREE event in Times Square, NY, USA, on Wednesday, June 4th from 12 – 6 pm (ET).

  • Consumers are welcomed to exchange their “dusty” DSLR for a new NX30 (a $999 value), while supplies last.
  • There will be a variety of stations in the booth where consumers can test out all of the new Samsung SMART cameras, take panoramic images of Times Square and capture slot car racing.

It will be a unique and fun experience to remember.

June 3, 2014 Update:



June 4, 2014


 Consumers will have the opportunity to capture slot car racing, zoom in on Times Square from the Skydeck or capture an NX Mini Selfie


  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014
    • 10am – 12pm (ET) – Open to the press
    • 12pm – 6pm (ET) – Open to the public and press


  • Times Square between 42nd and 43rd Streets across from Nasdaq Marquee
  • Please Note: Media are invited to experience a booth tour, local photo walk led by a Samsung #Imagelogger or shoot images from the event space’s Skydeck


Samsung invites consumers to a unique and interactive Times Square experience to showcase what mirrorless cameras have to offer. Samsung will be hosting the first ever #DitchtheDSLRDitchDay, where they will showcase the newest, slimmest and the most connected SMART cameras currently on the market. There will be a number of exciting activities, consumers can test the speed of the mirrorless cameras by capturing images of slot cars racing down a speedway, taking a high quality NX Mini selfie, create an impressive panoramic of Times Square, as well as demo any of the NX cameras at their leisure.

The first consumers that #DitchtheDSLR (via trade in) will receive a NEW Samsung NX30 SMART Camera ($999 value). Attendees will also have the chance to receive a $50 rebate towards the purchase of a Samsung NX camera like the new NX Mini, when they pledge to #DitchtheDSLR. Samsung #Imagelogger members will be on-hand to offer helpful tips, and share their experiences using mirrorless cameras. They will also be conducting photo walks for press, to showcase how the NX line has improved their workflow.


For years photographers have been misled to believe that they need big, often awkward DSLRs to take great pictures. Smaller mirrorless cameras, like the Samsung NX30, can outperform DSLRs and they feature the connectivity that on-the-go photographers have come to expect. To dispel the myth that only DSLRs can capture amazing images, Samsung invites consumers to join its Digital Imaging team on Ditch Day in Times Square to ditch their DSLR and receive a NEW NX30 while supplies last. While there, participants are welcome try Samsung’s entire NX camera lineup, including the new NX Mini and see what’s possible.

With the compact design and the versatility of a DSLR, mirrorless cameras are perfect for pro shooters, as well as photo enthusiasts of all levels of experience. Samsung looks to get consumers familiar with the fastest growing sector in Digital Imaging.

B-roll and artwork available upon request. Media option available for a booth tour, local photo walk led by a Samsung #Imagelogger or shoot from the event space’s Skydeck (ideal for broadcast spots and photos). Executives and Samsung #Imagelogger photographers will be available for comment.


Admission:      FREE