Raw+Jpeg Workflow on an iPad

Derrick Story has an interesting article about using the iPad in the field. While other photographers have tried and declared the iPad as not yet field ready, Derrick Story shares his workflow, which includes shooting in RAW+JPEG and saving both to the iPad (a 64GB version is needed here).

The reason he uses an iPad is to travel light and to be able to show images immediately on the iPad. “Then when you’re back in the office, offload the Raws to your computer, and leave the Jpegs you want on the iPad.”

Read the full article at: The Digital Story.

I don’t know. Moi, I believe the iPad has still quite a ways to go before it can be comfortably used for content creation, including as a photographer’s tool. Typing and editing is a pain in le derrière. And it looks like double work saving it on the iPad and then transferring it to your laptop. Why not save it to the laptop in the first place? Granted, the iPad may be a fancier tool to show off your images, but do clients really care about the device more than the images?

I’ve no doubt the iPad — or a competitor’s tablet — may eventually replace the laptop, but we’re forcing the iPad to do something it’s not really optimized to do — and you know how well Apple likes to optimize its products to do only a few things, but to do them really, really, really well.

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