How The iPad Will Affect What You Produce As A Photographer

There is no doubt that the Apple iPad is a revolution in how text and graphic information is consumed. The iPad is not just a tablet, not just an eReader or a browser. It has brought to people’s home a whole new user experience that is enjoyable in a way that print and using other tablets are not. Competitors who are simply trying hard to recreate the PC experience onto a tablet are going to learn this real fast: no one really cares about their tablets.

The iPad has already been a photographer’s ally: making it real easy and cool to display your portfolio or a client’s pictures in the best light possible. In the future, customers are not going to be asking for prints anymore (if you are still holding on to the belief that print will never die,… ) but for ways to see their photos in slide shows, videos and other animated display on the big and small screens. Which means that as photographers, we need to broaden our skills — to videography, to stop-animation, time-lapse photography, etc. That is why we have been figuring videos, stop-motion and time-lapse on Photoxels lately — and will continue to do so. It’s simply the future of photography.

Forward-thinking print publishers are not wasting any time moving fast to this new medium. Jim Pickerell writes about “Predicting the iPad’s Impact on the Photography Business.

Read all about it at: Black Star Rising.

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  • Yes, the iPad is a great product to have between your legs. Imagine the freedom from being limited to expressing your creativity. With a light,
    portable, and discreet unit that is soft and rounded to the touch, it provides a comfort beyond anything in existance.

    Apple has taken an old concept and have created a new consumer product. As a picture viewer, it can become the new standard. Unfortunately, however, Apple has once again limited itself; without USB ports or memory card ports, it requires us to bring along yet another device in order to transfer pictures. What a short sighted shame.

    Perhaps another tablet can make this easier to accomplish.