A Photographer And His iPad In Post Processing Work

A lot has been written in the brief time that the iPad has been out, with a few photographers dismissing the iPad as a serious equipment in their workflow while others love it as a cool customer presentation display.

Ctein shares how he is effectively using the 64 GB, 3G iPad to directly edit a photo in Photoshop on his MacBook Pro. The Air Display app allows him to tether the iPad to the MacBook Pro as a secondary high-quality monitor. Add a Pogo Sketch stylus and a Contour iSee stand, and he’s got a portable dual-display rig with a studio-quality display that’s touch sensitive. He can now brush directly on the photo displayed on the iPad.

Though the setup is not as functional as a 12″ Cintiq (there’s no pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad, yet), the combination seems to work well enough, minus the occasional idiosyncrasies and slow refresh.

Since the connection is wireless, he can do sorting and editing of photographs in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW sitting on the bed while the MacBook Pro sits on the desk.

Read the article at: The Online Photographer.