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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp

First it was the amazing Content-Aware Fill feature, now Puppet Warp promises to be another must-have new Photoshop CS5 feature. Puppet Warp overlays a Mesh (you can specify the tightness or looseness) over your object, lets you set Control Points (“pins”), and rotate your object around those Control Points! The Mesh magically gives your object a rubber-like quality so they bend, twist and warp naturally. You can rotate sections of your object in front or behind one another.

Again, digital manipulation has reached new heights where it will become really difficult to tell whether a photo has been digitally manipulated or not. We predict that it is just a matter of time before pictures will not be admissible to Court anymore since now every Joe, Paula and Sammy can doctor pictures expertly — and apparently effortlessly — with Puppet Warp.

[ via PDNPulse ]