Photoshop Content-Aware Feature Gets Experts All Flustered

Interesting article over at Photoshelter who asked the “experts” to weigh in on Photoshop’s new Content-Aware feature that allows digital manipulation so easy that even a newbie can do it.

One of the major implications is that it will now be even more difficult to know what “original photograph” means anymore, especially if camera manufacturers start to migrate that feature directly into their cameras.

Also every photo contest that forbids digital manipulation will have to insist that every photo submission be accompanied by an original image with intact metadata (EXIF) info. Pictures entered in court also need to be proved that they are unretouched — because it will simply be so easy to do it.

What would not the Russian oligarchy of yesteryear have given for this feature!? Want to erase a comrade? да, готово! [At least that’s what Google Translate says.]

Read the article at: Photoshelter.