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New Manfrotto 190X Series Tripods and X-PRO 2-Way Head Available in Canada at the End of Sept.2014

Manfrotto 190X

Manfrotto 190X

Gentec International will be distributing two new Manfrotto products at the end of September: the Manfrotto 190X Series Tripods and the Manfrotto X-Pro 2-Way Head.

Elevate your action photography skills with Manfrotto’s new 190X Series Tripods, photography accessories with sleek, stylish Italian design. When you’re in the studio, the 190X Series Tripod easily offers an array of creative options with a ground level adaptor that allows the tripod to reach ultra-low positions. Take the 190X Series Tripod to the streets or field with the Easy Link attachment, which allows photographers to attach an LED light or reflector and turn any space into a pop-up studio.”

  • The 190X Series Tripods and kits start at $219.95, and will be available in Canada at the end of September.

For avid birdwatchers and budding videographers, Manfrotto’s new X-Pro 2-Way Head is a lightweight option that delivers functional versatility to users. Weighing in at 1.54 lbs., the X-Pro 2-Way head also offers a fluidity selector, allowing the photo pro to choose their desired fluidity and, “thanks to the the X-Pro 2-Way Head’s 200PL plate, birdwatchers won’t miss a moment when switching from photo to video.”

  • The X-Pro 2-Way Head retails for $189.95, and will be available in Canada at the end of September.

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TORONTO, ON., September 23, 2014Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto photo and video products, announces the launch of the new 190X Series Tripod and the X-PRO 2-Way Head.

190X Series Tripods

Manfrotto introduces the 190X range, which is comprised of a tripod and kits to complete the advanced hobbyist and professional offering.


Greater Versatility and Creativity
The key feature of the 190X is the ground level adaptor which allows for great shooting creativity by enabling the tripod to reach ultra-low positions. The new Leg Angle Selector allows the leg angle to be chosen easily and effortlessly.

Set-up Speed and Ease of Use
The 190X features the QPL (Quick Power Lock) a single-handed opening mechanism, on the legs, which enables a quicker, more comfortable set-up and ease of use with higher locking power and improved ergonomics.

The Easy Link attachment converts the new 190X into a portable photography studio. By simply attaching an arm with an LED light, a reflector, or any other accessory, to the 3/8 inch female thread, the new 190X goes beyond the boundaries of classic tripod functionalities.

Stylish and Durable
The 190X features premium Italian design with bold clean shapes and lines, making it outstandingly stylish and recognizable.

The 190X tripod and kits will be available in Canada at the end of September. The 190X3 is sold as legs only with a suggested retail price of $219.95. The 190X3 is also available in a kit with the 496RC2 ball head; the Ball Head Kit is ideal for action photography and keeps you ready to shoot in an instant, and the compact size makes it easy to pack. This kit is available for a suggested retail price of $319.95; The second kit option features the 804RC2 three-way head; the Three-Way Head Kit is especially suited to architectural, macro, and still life photography, and has a suggested retail price of $319.95. The third kit option features the MHXPRO-2W two-way head; the Two-Way Head Kit is the lightweight solution for photographic and video work. It has a suggested retail price of $369.95.

XPRO 2-Way Head

Manfrotto XPRO 2-Way Head

Manfrotto XPRO 2-Way Head

Manfrotto designed the new head for photographers who are starting to explore the world of HDSLR video and for the passionate birdwatchers looking for a head that supports lightweight scopes. The new Manfrotto head, part of the XPRO collection, ensures three essential aspects to both the videographers/photographers and the passionate birdwatchers: portability, thanks to the compact and lightweight body that makes the head weigh only 700g (1.54 lbs); versatility, the new fluidity selector allows the user to choose the right level of fluidity according to the desired movement and photo gear; convenience, thanks to the widely popular 200PL plate, there is no need to use different plates when switching heads from photo to video.

In order to meet the needs of those photographers or videographers asking for supports that are easy to carry around and travel with, Manfrotto designed a head that only weighs 700 g (1.54 lbs) but can support up to 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of payload. The lightness of the head is due to the body being made of both Aluminum and Adapto, a very rigid and resistant technopolymer.

This is the best choice for birdwatchers that usually use lightweight scopes to observe wildlife and to digiscope through an additional camera. Small fluid heads, such as the XPRO 2-Way Head, are the ideal solution to keep this type of small payload moving constantly to assure the right level of stability.

The X-PRO 2-Way Head features a fluidity selector which is able to control the fluidity of the tilt movement. Thanks to this useful innovation, it is now possible to easily switch between hard and soft fluidity according to the preferred kind of movement and to the kind of gear in use. Hard fluidity is generally used when a slow tilt movement is required; inversely soft fluidity is preferred for fast tilt movements. The XPRO 2-Way Head is the only lightweight video head with a fluidity selector. This head works equally well on sliders, video tripods and monopods.

By using the most common photographic plate in the world, there will be no need to use different plates when switching from photo to video. This strikes the perfect balance between quick setup and savings: one plate is always attached to the camera, ready to be used in any situation with whatever photo or video support a photographer has in mind.

The X-PRO 2-Way Head will be available in Canada by the end of September at the suggested retail price of $189.95.

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