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Manfrotto: New Pro Light Bag Collection for Photographers and Videographers

This video demonstrates the Pro Light 3N1-25 PL camera backpack.

“Manfrotto delivers photographers and videographers light-weight, ergonomic, durable and reliable bags with the launch of the Manfrotto Pro Light collection. Utilizing innovative materials the Pro Light collection offers shutterbugs the capacity to carry large amount of gear, while providing maximum protection for equipment as well as proper weight distribution through the shoulders and back. The Pro Light includes 33 items divided into three cateogires: photo bags, video bags and accessories. Items include backpacks, holsters, cases, rolling organizers, camera straps and raincovers.”

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Manfrotto: New Pro Light Bag Collection

Manfrotto: New Pro Light Bag Collection



 TORONTO, ON., August 22, 2014 – Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto photo and video products, announces the launch of the new Pro Light bag collection. Designed for photographers and videographers who require lightweight, intuitive, and ergonomic camera carrying solutions that are rugged, reliable, and easy to use.

 Manfrotto has utilized the most innovative materials to construct the new Pro Light collection. In addition to offering the capacity to carry a large amount of gear, these bags are also the lightest in the Manfrotto range. Incorporating Manfrotto’s Camera Protection System (CPS) these bags have been engineered to guarantee maximum protection for your equipment. The Advanced Harness System, foam harness straps and removable waist straps ensures that Pro Light bags are extremely comfortable to carry.

The Pro Light range includes a total of 33 items divided into three categories: photo bags (8 backpacks, 4 holsters), video bags (2 backpacks, 4 cases, 3 rolling organizers for lighting equipment), and accessories (1 camera strap, 4 camera raincovers, 7 video raincovers).

Photo Bags

The Pro Light collection includes many Manfrotto innovations, represented in the Photo category by the 3N1, Bumblebee, and Revolver models.

The 3N1 backpack, with its fast, quick-draw option, is available in two sizes and offers more than the standard backpack. By simply rotating the bag around to the front of your body, you can access your camera and gear quickly and easily. The unique design offers three dynamic carrying options in one: it is possible to easily change from right sling to left sling, or to a cross position.

The Bumblebee-220 backpack is a multi-feature professional backpack designed to provide optimal carrying, storage, and working solutions. Lightweight yet highly protective, it can hold a large amount of photo equipment. The modular design allows adjustment of the internal space depending on the photographer’s need.

On the outside, the Revolver-8 PL looks like an ordinary backpack, but on the inside it is totally unique. It features a revolutionary, rotatable wheel that enables direct access to your gear without having to fully open the bag.

 Video Bags

Pro Light video bags have been designed in different sizes and models to answer the needs of the most demanding videographers. Additional features include the CPS system and interchangeable dividers to adjust the internal space of the bag to accommodate a variety of camcorders and video rigs.

Manfrotto: Camera Raincovers

Manfrotto: Camera Raincovers

Manfrotto: Video Raincovers

Manfrotto: Video Raincovers


Pro Light accessories include a wide range of raincovers, and a camera strap. Pro Light raincovers provide superior waterproof protection, and the transparent TPU panels enable the user to easily monitor the camera screens and controls. The Pro Light camera strap features an innovative 3D mesh construction, which ensures maximum lightness and breathability for the user.

With the launch of the Pro Light collection, Manfrotto has significantly expanded its existing range of bags, which includes the Professional, Advanced, Stile and Stile+ lines. The new Pro Light collection are currently available at suggested retail prices starting at $169.95 for the bags and $19.95 for the accessories.

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