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Gentec International Announces Gitzo’s Redesigned Tripod Bags with Rip-Stop Fabric and New Sizes

Gitzo Tripod Bags (left to right): GC5101, GC4101, GC3101, and GC1101.

Gitzo Tripod Bags (left to right): GC5101, GC4101, GC3101, and GC1101.

Gitzo’s redesigned bags from the Mountaineer and Systematic series offer improved comfort, fabric and sizes.

  • The rip-stop fabric not only provides a softer touch but ensures tear resistant durability, allowing you to take your gear anywhere.

Suggested retail price for the Gitzo models range from $74.95 to $189.90.

  • Features of Gitzo models GC1101 and GC3101
    • Sizes ideal for Mountaineer tripods with standard photo heads
    • Cylindrical form
    • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Features of Gitzo models GC4101 and GC5101
    • Sizes ideal for Systematic tripods
    • Asymmetric form with more space at one end to accommodate larger heads
    • Fixed shoulder strap
    Gitzo Traveler Tripod Bags (left to right): GC2202T and GC1202T.

    Gitzo Traveler Tripod Bags (left to right): GC2202T and GC1202T.

  • Features of Gitzo Traveler Tripod Bags
    • Elegant but resistant rip-stop fabric, combined with the protective and elastic neoprene
    • A larger version for Series 2 Traveler Tripods has been added
    • Maintain the protection level and features of the previous version GC1201T, including the multi-adjustable strap, which allows various carrying methods

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TORONTO, ON., January 20, 2014 – Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Gitzo products, announces the introduction of Gitzo’s upgraded line of tripod bags. The redesigned bags fit the latest Gitzo tripod models, plus more combinations of tripods and heads, and they offer improved comfort while carrying and handling. The new bags are made from rip-stop fabric, which is both softer to the touch and resistant against tearing and abrasion.

The new tripod bags include models for Gitzo’s Mountaineer series (GC1101, $109.95 MSRP; GC3101, $134.95 MSRP) and Gitzo’s Systematic series (GC4101, $154.95 MSRP; GC5101, $189.95 MSRP). Additionally, two models have been specifically designed for Gitzo’s Traveler tripods and are available in two sizes (GC1202T, $74.95 MSRP; GC2202T, $89.95 MSRP).

For more information, please contact Samantha Eng, Cohn & Wolfe, at 416-924-5700, extension 4031, or email

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