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Gentec News: New Compact series from Manfrotto sets the benchmark for entry-level tripods and monopods

Manfrotto has announced a new line of compact tripods especially targeted to the mirrorless and light DSLR cameras. The Manfrotto Compact series tripods and monopods come in a range of colours.

The Compact Light is the lightest tripod, perfect as a travel companion. The Compact Action is targeted to both movie makers and photo enthusiasts; it has a joystick head with scroll-wheel locking to ensure stability and is available in black, white and red. The Compact Advanced is able to handle entry level DSLR’s with lenses up to 200mm; it offers independent pan, tilt and level controls for framing and accuracy, and is available in black and white.

The Compact Monopod is very portable and features a universal camera attachment, protective cap and wrist strap. The Compact Advanced Monopod provides an innovative rotating disc to ensure easy and fast camera attachment.

MRSP: Compact Light $89.95, Compact Action $99.95, Compact Advanced $139.95, Compact Monopod $39.95 and Compact Advanced Monopod $54.95.

[All prices quoted in Canadian dollars]



TORONTO, ON., July 24, 2014 – Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto photo and video products, announces the launch of the new Compact series of stylish tripods and monopods from Manfrotto. Devoted to those approaching photography for the first time, the Compact family is characterized by a brand new design, innovative and intuitive features, plus an expanded range of colours to address the diverse personalities of photo enthusiasts.

Manfrotto’s Compact tripods help you take better pictures
The supports in the Compact range are not just tripods, but extensions of your creativity. Photo enthusiasts can easily achieve precise, shake-free images, ready to be shared with the world. Step away from the lens and be part of shots with friends and family; frame new memories with creative long exposures and sharper, brighter pictures.

Compact Light
The Compact Light is the lightest tripod in the range at just 800 grams. It’s the perfect solution for travelling, bridging the gap between a mini and full-size tripod. Designed to complement the newest Compact System Cameras, the Compact Light features a quick-wheel and universal 1⁄4” thread to easily mount the camera; the ball head allows ultra-fast camera positioning. It is available in three colours (black, white, red) with matching padded carrying bags. The suggested retail price is $89.95.

Compact Action
The Compact Action utilizes the popular joystick head with a scroll-wheel locking mechanism and Photo/Movie selector. It also includes a brand new circular quick-release plate that screws into the camera by hand, making the orientation of the camera extremely intuitive. Its new regulating dial allows the user to adapt the strength of the connection to any camera body, increasing performance and security. This feature-rich tripod is the ideal solution for photos and movies in any situation. It is available in three colours (black, white, red) with matching padded carrying bags. The suggested retail price is $99.95.

Compact Advanced
The Compact Advanced is the top-end consumer solution designed for entry level DSLRs with standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. It features a high-performance, foldable 3-way head, offering independent pan, tilt and level controls for framing the subject with great precision and accuracy. Maximum portability is guaranteed by the new collapsible handle and the  five-section legs, which make this solution extremely compact and convenient to carry. It is available in two colours (black, white) with matching padded carrying bags. The suggested retail price is $139.95.

Manfrotto’s Compact monopods offer stability in tight spaces
Two models allow photo enthusiasts a choice of solutions to stabilize their cameras in crowded spaces or for sports and travel photography, or to simply reduce the fatigue of hand-holding a camera for extended periods of shooting.

Compact Monopod
The Compact Monopod is extremely portable and provides invaluable support in any circumstance with minimum effort. It features a universal camera attachment with a protective cap, a secure wrist strap and comfortable, ergonomic grip. It is available in three colours (black, white, red) at a suggested retail price of $39.95.

Compact Advanced Monopod
The Compact Advanced Monopod is the top-end consumer solution in the monopod range. Thanks to its five sections and the thicker tubes, it is the ideal solution for superior stability and performance with an entry level DSLR and standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. The innovative rotating disc ensures easy camera attachment in a matter of seconds. The new soft grip and wrist strap ensure maximum comfort and security during operation. It is available in two colours (black, white) and has a suggested retail price of $54.95.

About Manfrotto
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