‘Micro Four Thirds System’s 10th Anniversary (2008 – 2018)’ Contest: Submit Photos That Were Taken Over the Past Decade Using Micro Four Thirds Products, Before May 7, 2018, 4 p.m. JST

The following video presents FourThirds Digital Camera standard it’s concept and overview:
A video on the FourThirds Digital SLR camera standard. An overview of the concept and ideal behind the Fourthirds systems.

The Four Thirds System Forum celebrates the tenth anniversary of Micro Four Thirds system in 2018.

  • Ten years ago, on August 5th, Micro Four Thirds was introduced as a new standard for cameras and lenses….

By eliminating the mirror box used in traditional interchangeable lens cameras, the Micro Four Thirds development team made it possible to create remarkably slim and compact cameras and lenses that provide users with all the power and performance of a full-size SLR.

Structural Comparison of Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System: Image Courtesy of Olympus

Structural Comparison of Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System: Image Courtesy of Olympus

The Four Thirds System Forum invites you to celebrate the anniversary by submitting photos that were taken over the past decade using Micro Four Thirds products, that is, from 2008 – when Micro Four Thirds was launched – to 2018.

Micro Four Thirds System Standard

Micro Four Thirds System Standard

The following video presents Micro Four Thirds Lenses:

Micro Four Thirds products include:

  • Olympus and Panasonic cameras:
  • Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma and Tamron lenses:

The following video presents LUMIX Stories – Pro Photographers are Switching to Lumix Cameras:
Photographers are dropping the DSLR in favor of lighter and more media diverse mirrorless cameras. Panasonic lead the development of the first mirrorless digital camera to replace the aging DSLR platform in 2008 with the LUMIX G series.

Today photographers are experiencing the benefits and flexibility of a lighter more compact interchangeable lens system camera that adds modern features like 4K video, in camera video to still conversion, combined body and lens image stabilization, and touch screen controls.

Follow the stories of several Lumix Ambassador professional photographers as they explore why the LUMIX G Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds system camera works for them.

Featuring Photography by William Innes, Daniel J. Cox, Ben Grunow, and Jennifer Maring Documentary Shot on LUMIX GH5 by Griffin Hammond #LumixStories for more stories

The decade of Micro Four Thirds has been an exciting one for us and our users as Micro Four Thirds has brought full-size SLR performance to a compact digital format that is defining the future of photography.
We strongly encourage everyone out there to take this opportunity to share with us and with your fellow users “a decade of you and Micro Four Thirds”.

Lucky participants will have a chance to win great prizes in a random draw!


  • Prizes bwill be awarded to participants selected in a random draw.
Sigma Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Sigma Micro Four Thirds Lenses

  • Sigma Micro Four Thirds lens x 1  (The winner can choose which lens model they would like.)
  • Micro Four Thirds mount type decorative paper clip 2018 x 100
  • Winners will be notified when their prizes are shipped. No public announcements will be made.
  • Prizes will be forwarded directly.


*Be sure that the photo you submit was taken using a Micro Four Thirds product (camera and/or lens).
*You may make as many submissions as you like.

….If necessary, we reserve the right to edit phots for publication….

Submitted works may be used on the official Four Thirds websites and in the publicity and advertising activities of the Four Thirds System Forum either with or without citing the online name of the person who submitted the photo. Please note that the photo may also be modified or edited.
・Submitted works will not be returned….

Privacy Policy
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Personal information about participants will not be used for any other purposes.
For full details on our privacy policy, please visit the following website.

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・Even when a selection by lot is canceled, the applicant is not permitted to raise an opposition.
・In case the system should be maintained or inspected due to an emergent trouble, the submissions to the present campaign may become inacceptable for a certain period.
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・For the purpose of optimum operation of the campaign, the present Submission Guidelines may be subject to change without notice.
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Four Thirds Office

For other important info including the submission of your photos as well as Terms of the Entry Agreement, please visit:

Good Luck!

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