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How to Photograph a Lion

Hybrid photography (photography combining still, video and audio) is fast becoming the required skills of a photographer. This is brought out so much clearer in the August issue of National Geographic. While their print magazine features beautiful still photos of lions in the Serengeti Plains, their Web issue delivers an amazing visual and audio experience to bring you “images like never before seen.

Photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols spent over 2 years in the field for this assignment, living in the Serengeti to capture one-of-a-kind photos of lion behavior. National Geographic has just launched an amazing web experience showcasing Nichols’ work. One of the unique aspects of the project is all the technology that Nichols and his team utilized in the field (infrared cameras, robots, helicopters, camera traps, remote controlled cars); the result are images like never before seen.

Watch a lion wake up from sleep, listen to a roar, see adorable cubs playing with each other’s tail — and see how lions interact with these weird little camerabots (can’t do “it” with a camerabot watching). Plus the sad sport of Trophy Hunting.

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