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Selfies And The City

Never mind the gargantuan disappointment that [most people believe that] the Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie that went around the world was in fact a planned advertisement for the Samsung smartphone (which Samsung denies) and that Ellen herself uses an iPhone to tweet personally… now, you can sift through actual selfies taken by real people (not that Ellen & Company at the Oscars are not real, but you know what I mean, it’s all a show) in 5 real cities across the world, play around with the data, discover what your personal selfie style is (selfiexploratory), and find out answers to hot burning questions you always wanted answered like:

Do angry people tilt their heads more strongly? And what is a characteristic mood for people in Moscow?

There, satisfy your inner urge. Visit our Featured Site: Selfiecity.

via FlowingData