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Arie van’t Riet Plant & Animal X-Ray Photography

Arie van’t Riet is a physicist specializing in radiation physics, especially in very low energy X-rays. He decided to put nature and animals under x-ray and photograph them. The resulting “biorama” is quite spectacular. The photographs are B&W and manually colorized in post processing.

Since he uses only dead animals, no live animals were hurt in the process. [Well, he also used live snails, but claims the low x-ray radiation did not hurt them.] Though he wants to make movies using x-ray, he decided it is not justified to expose living animals to x-rays.

Future projects include large bioramas featuring a landscape of flowers, or an alligator, flamingos, etc.

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He tells how it all happens, turning himn from a medical physicist to an artist in the following TEDxTalks presentation: