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#LoveYourLines Celebrates Real Women, Real Bodies

We’ve all owed our existence (on a large part) thanks to the nine months spent growing safely in our mother’s tummy. That bulge to her tummy does something to her skin: it stretches it and, when you are finally out of there and into the world, leaves stretch marks behind. These stretch marks are your mom’s battle scars, so to speak, and proof of what mothers all over the world are willing to go through to bring the most precious cargo into the world: you. That’s how nature is and that’s something to be proud of. She is. Are you?

#LoveYourLines is an instagram site that was started by two moms who decided to shine a light on this issue because it became one when a mother’s bikini body with stretch marks clearly visible was publicly shamed on social media. They thought, Surely, this is something to be ashamed of and hidden from public view. Women (and men) around the world came to that mother’s defense and #LoveYourLines was born.

“#LoveYourLines is a social media photo campaign to help showcase the beauty of the female body. This account is curated by two mommas hoping to make a difference in the world of the female body image. To submit your photos please email loveyourlines@gmail.com. All women of different shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to submit. Photos submitted should be taken against a plain background. We can’t wait to see your love lines!”

It does not matter how perfect celebrities look on paper and screen: if they have had a baby, they have stretch marks. Hidden, photoshopped, nipped and tucked — they never really go away. Apparently, many celebrities and fashion models have major insecurities concerning their bodies because of this constant need to project a perfect, flawless physical image to the public.

The fashion industry, apparel industry, beauty industry, marketing departments, ad agencies, the media — all conspire to project a female “beauty” form that simply is not the norm. Studies show that it hurts our children’s image of themselves.

Although most stretch marks are a result of pregnancy, they can also be due to other causes such as hormonal changes, sudden weight gain, weight loss, and other illnesses. Next time, you see stretch marks, know there is a story behind them. Undoutedly, a courageous one.

#LoveYourLines is all about “celebrating real women, real bodies.

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