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Rolf Sachs: Blurred Lines Photography

While most of us are taught to use a fast shutter speed to freeze motion, we also know that using a slow shutter speed can cause deliberate blurring and hence depict “motion.”

‘Camera in Motion’ by Rolf Sachs developed with his wife Maryam is a case for the latter where blurred images of the scene viewed through the window of a speeding train blur “the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography.

The captivating photographs, taken from the moving train over the course of an entire year, demonstrate the changes of the seasons and lighting conditions in a distinctive combination of abstraction and realism. The images are as unexpected as they are diverse; greatly differing from the impressions the human eye would usually register when in motion.

The first selection of photographic prints are being presented by Galerie von Bartha and Leica Camera at St. Moritz Art Masters in August with the full collection and book launching in early 2014.

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