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Nick Veasey X-Ray Photography Behind The Scenes

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British photographer Nick Veasey doesn’t use a regular camera. He uses x-rays to capture the inner workings and inner beauty of various objects large and small. Where a typical medical x-ray lasts all of 0.2 sec., his x-ray photo requires more like a 5 minute exposure. The x-ray image is the same size as the object being photographed, so you can imagine the amount of work involved when taking pictures of large objects like a car, a bus and an airplane. A mini cooper car can consist of 300 individual images of the doors, seats, tires, etc. all digitally reassembled into a photo. Where “people” pictures are concerned, he uses dead people and skeletons.

For his cover shoot for the Focus on Imaging 2010 catalogue, he photographed a Nikon D3x DSLR for 2.5 mins. In all, he took about 12 separate x-ray pictures (the lens requiring a longer exposure), which were scanned and photoshopped together.

View Focus on Imaging 2010 Catalog Cover.

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Listen to Nick Veasey at TED.