Is Nikon Replacing Some D600 with D610?

Reports (rumors?) are coming in that Nikon may be replacing some D600s sent in for repairs with new D610s. It seems that replacing the shutter mechanism in the Nikon D600 DSLR may solve the dust/oil problem for some but not for others. However, Nikon’s official statement on this issue is that “All our customer service inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis.

I don’t think there’s any mystery in this. Most customer service departments function the same way. Here’s an everyday English translation for those who do not read/understand customer service speak:

If you don’t shoot your D600 often enough to collect the dust/oil gunk on the D600 sensor, then you do not have a problem. In this case, we will not be handing you a spanking brand new D610. You will live happily with the D600 for the rest of your life not even aware of the [potential] problem.

If you shoot often enough to get the dust/oil gunk on the D600 sensor and send your camera in for cleaning within your warranty period, we will clean it and/or replace the shutter mechanism. The next time that problem occurs again, you will probably be out of your warranty period.

If you shoot so much that you have sent in your D600 for cleaning/repair a couple of times already within your warranty period, we know you may be pretty upset and we will make it right: Thanks for “sticking” with us and Congratulations, here’s your new D610!

I very much doubt that Nikon is haphazardly replacing the D600 with the D610 for some lucky blokes and not others. Though it may delight the former, it will only infuriate the latter. And people upset enough will switch brand and influence their friends to do the same. Currently, only one brand is immune to — and frankly couldn’t care less about — customer complaints: Apple. But their time will come.