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Newseum Displays AFP’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Photos Online and on the Huge HD Screen June 13-July 18

Fri June 13, 2014

AFP’s World Cup Photo Coverage is Displayed on Newseum’s Huge HD Screen Beginning June 13

June 13 – July 18

555 Pennsylvania Ave.,
N.W., Washington, DC 20001

Google Map

Phone: (202) 292-6100 or  888/NEWSEUM (888/639-7386)

Global news agency AFP and the Newseum are partnering to present photographic coverage of memorable moments at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, from first kickoff to the championship match.

Huge HD Screen in Newseum’s New York Times Great Hall of News. Image courtesy Newseum and AFP.

Huge HD Screen in Newseum’s New York Times Great Hall of News. Image courtesy Newseum and AFP.


AFP’s World Cup Photo Coverage To Be Displayed on Newseum’s Huge HD Screen Beginning June 13

WASHINGTON — The Newseum, in partnership with AFP, will display the very best of the global news agency’s photo coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Beginning June 13, Newseum visitors will see dramatic images of the competition as soccer teams from 32 countries compete in 12 cities throughout Brazil for international soccer’s biggest prize.

Every day during the World Cup, images captured by AFP photographers will be featured on the 40-by-22-foot high-definition media screen in the Newseum’s New York Times Great Hall of News. Visible from Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C., the massive screen in the 90-foot-high atrium provides a fitting display for AFP’s photo coverage of the international soccer competition. The images also will be available on the museum’s website at

AFP is deploying more than 60 photojournalists to cover the World Cup in Brazil. An AFP photo editor will send a selection of the agency’s most captivating and newsworthy images to the Newseum for display on the huge HD media screen, seen by thousands of Newseum visitors each day.

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Press Releases

Panasonic Canada: New Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Camera Features the World’s First 4K Video Recording Capability

Thu June 12, 2014

Panasonic Canada announces the new DMC-FZ1000 as the latest member of the popular LUMIX FZ series.



The Flagship Bridge Camera Now
Featuring the World’s First 4K Video Recording Capability*

*For a digital compact camera as of June 12, 2014

MISSISSAUGA, ON (June 12, 2014) – Panasonic Canada Inc. is proud to introduce the new DMC-FZ1000 – with a one-inch High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and 4K video recording capability – as the latest member of the popular LUMIX FZ series.  In addition, this camera features a newly developed 16x optical zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, which produces stunning detail and edge-to-edge resolution, while also delivering beautiful quality defocus together with the large-sized MOS Sensor.

The one-inch 20.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS Sensor dramatically improves S/N ratio, making it possible to capture clear images with minimum noise even when shot at high ISO.  The newly developed Venus Engine features multiple noise reduction systems such as Multi Process NR, Random Filter and Aperture Filter, to achieve high colour reproduction and superb image quality.

fz1000 side 600
The DMC-FZ1000 incorporates 4K (3840×2160, at 30 fps in MP4) video recording capability for the first time in a digital compact camera*1.  Panasonic is also promoting a new method of photo creation by cutting out a 3840×2160 8-megapixel equivalent image from the 4K video footage, for capturing spur-of-the-moment shots often missed in still image photography.  Videos can be recorded in Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 60p in AVCHD Progressive (MPEG-4 / H.264) format or MP4 at 60p*2.  The powerful 16x optical zoom with 5-step speed enables smooth zoom control even when recording video, while the 5-axis HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)+ with Active Mode effectively compensates for any handshake motion*3.  Additional video features include Creative Video mode, High Speed video in Full-HD at 120fps, Time Lapse Shot、and Stop Motion Animation.

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 Camera: Product Video

Thu June 12, 2014

This video presents “[NEW] Introducing Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000.”

  • “The flagship bridge camera with one-inch high sensitivity MOS sensor and high quality 16x optical zoom lens DMC-FZ1000 has been unveiled, featuring 4K Video Recording Capability.”


Fujifilm Canada Invites You to A Walk in the Park in Toronto June 22, 2014: Photography Event + Random Draw for X-M1 Silver Camera Kit

Thu June 12, 2014
Fujifilm Canada's Walk in the Park with the Fuji Guys in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fujifilm Canada’s Walk in the Park with the Fuji Guys in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is an update to the previous blog FUJIFILM Canada Announces “Walk in the Park” Tour with the Fuji Guys and L’Expert Fuji 2014.

Come join the Fuji Guys – hosts of Fujfilm Canada’s popular YouTube channel – as well as some of their avid fans and the rest of the Fujifilm crew for a photo walk at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Sunday June 22.

  • It is pretty informal but a lot of fun!
  • One additional guest allowed per person.
  • Limited spots available. Book Now!
    • Please RSVP byJune 19th to Helen Hayter
      Phone: 905-755-2761

Fujifilm encourages everyone to come — even if you don’t use a Fujifilm camera!

The Walk in the Park with the Fuji Guys event includes the following highlights:

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Press Releases

McAfee + LG Electronics: LG G3 Smartphone Equipped With McAfee Mobile Security That Includes a New Anti-Theft Feature

Thu June 12, 2014
Features of McAfee Mobile Security

Features of McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee, part of Intel Security, and LG Electronics today announced the new LG G3 smartphone will come pre-installed with a version of McAfee Mobile Security that includes a new anti-theft feature designed to protect users from unauthorized factory resets.

Specifically, through a multi-year global partnership, the LG G3 is now equipped with a distinct version of McAfee Mobile Security — providing users with an easy and comprehensive way to protect themselves from security and privacy threats and identity theft. Antivirus, data backup, remote lock and wipe, and remote tracking will be available through the McAfee app for five years at no cost.

New LG G3 Smartphone

New LG G3 Smartphone

LG Partners with McAfee to Bring Anti-theft Feature to LG G3

Kill Switch protects against unauthorized factory resets and device rooting to combat mobile device theft and resale

MARKHAM, ON, June 12, 2014 – Today McAfee, part of Intel Security, and LG Electronics announced the new LG G3 smartphone will come pre-installed with a version of McAfee Mobile Security that includes a new anti-theft feature designed to protect users from unauthorized factory resets. The Kill Switch provides users the ability to disable their phones remotely in the event of device loss or theft. The software allows content to be wiped to prevent personal information from being compromised.

Smartphones have become a target for criminals of all types because of the monetary value they hold and the vast amount of personal data consumers store on them. The growing prevalence of malware is also a concern for mobile users. McAfee’s Consumer Mobile Security Report findings show the total Android “zoo” of mobile malware rose 197 per cent between December 2012 and December 2013.

“We are working with McAfee to offer a customized version of its award-winning mobile security software that leverages built-in LG capabilities to make security an integral part of the LG G3,” said Dr. Ramchan Woo, head of smartphone planning division of LG. “The implementation of the Kill Switch feature is just one of several specific measures we are taking to ensure that our users can easily and comprehensively protect themselves from the growing threat landscape, both physical and online.”

Through a multi-year global partnership, the LG G3 is now equipped with a distinct version of McAfee Mobile Security to provide users with an easy and comprehensive way to protect themselves from security and privacy threats and identity theft. Antivirus, data backup, remote lock and wipe, and remote tracking are all available through the McAfee app for five years at no cost.

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There’s a Drone for You: For Photography, Selfies and Iceberg/Whale Watching

Wed June 11, 2014
Aerial drone used to videotape Naples Zoo. (Image from its YouTube video.)

Aerial drone used to videotape Naples Zoo. (Image from its YouTube video.)

Life can present situations wherein you want to take photos/videos but you did not bring your camera or your subjects are too far away or moving too fast for you to shoot great, unique photos.

Now, there are drones to do your bidding 24/7 such as shooting selfies. And, it is not necessary to own a drone to make your photography wishes come true because there’s an app for that.

  • And there are drones at your service in certain USA cities for now.
  • They will be coming to your city soon.

For drone entrepreneurs, the sky’s the limit. But for drones, the sky is not the limit as shown in these videos as follows.

  • This video presents “Drones on Demand: Behind the Scenes at Gofor.”
    • Learn more about the Gofor app and the multitude of tasks Gofor drones are capable of.”

  • The following video presents “Iceberg near Cape Spear NL.”
    • CBC News reported that a drone camera captured its flight through an iceberg arch which was located just off Cape Spear and St. John’s harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

…this video takes viewers on a one-of-a-kind flight.

Ben Davis posted the video to YouTube showing the drone’s point of view as it approaches the berg. After a false start, the drone successfully navigates the arch, which has subsequently crumbled.

CBC News:

  • The following video presents “Aerial drone used to videotape Naples Zoo.”

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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane of Film Reels: “The Unseen Seen” Photography Exhibition Runs to June 21, 2014

Tue June 10, 2014

the unseen seen by reiner riedler 3

“THE UNSEEN SEEN”. Fotografie – Reiner Riedler

Monday - Friday 14:00 – 19:00
Saturday 12:00 to 15:00

Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop
Klosterwall 13
20095 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: 49(0)40-30393382
Fax: 49(0)40-30393383


Managing Director: Dr. Kerstin Hengevoss-Dürkop

Viewing the large scale, colourful, dream-like photographic images of film reels is like taking a walk down memory lane as Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler invites you -  especially movie aficionados, film archivists and historians – to reminisce his or her own cinematic and filmed memories onto the photographs of film reels for popular movies such as:

  • Gerhard Damann – Das Caviar Mäuschen, 1919: A silent, black-and-white film;
  • Michel Curtiz – Casablanca, 1942: A classic, black-and-white film;
  • Francis Ford Coppola – The-Godfather, 1972;
  • Federico Fellini – Ginger and Fred, 1986; and
  • Krzysztof Kieslowski – Trois Couleurs: Bleu, 1993.

The photography project “The Unseen Seen,” by Reiner Riedler and the film archivist Volkmar Ernst, “allows the physical states of film to manifest themselves as photographic works of art.” During several visits to the Deutsche Kinemathek’s film archives, Riedler photographed “archival film materials while maintaining their backlighting under constant lighting conditions, which ultimately emphasized the physical properties and the composition of each film reel.

  • The film reels are radiantly displayed in a variety of colors.
  • This aesthetic and the uniqueness of these materials, known primarily only to archivists and projectionists until now, are being made accessible to a wide audience.”

Here is a different perspective on film as the “invisible” medium for Riedler’s photographic works of art.

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AGO Presents the Malcolmson Collection: A Photography Exhibition Continues to Sept.7, 2014

Mon June 9, 2014

This video presents “About the Malcolmson Collection.”

  • Harry and Ann Malcolmson explain why they chose the AGO as the new home for their collection.

Malcolmson Collection

Malcolmson Collection

AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)


Malcolmson Collection

Exhibition Continues to September 7, 2014

This exhibition is included with general admission.

Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5T 1G4
Call 1-877-225-4246 or 416-979-6648

“Our decision to collect historic photography was driven by an intuitive sense that there were works…whose aesthetic value and accomplishment were unrecognized. Collecting in this area has been an amazing and remarkable voyage of discovery.”

— Harry and Ann Malcolmson

AGO celebrates the recent acquisition of the Malcolmson Collection by showcasing a selection of the best works in two focused presentations, integrated in the European galleries – one dedicated to works from the 19th century and another to works from the 20th century.

  • Highlighting key technical innovations, alongside new ways of seeing, these exhibitions will illuminate the ways the medium transformed our sense of the world.

Here are the highlights of the Malcolmson Collection.

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Press Releases


Sat June 7, 2014

This is an update to these previous blogs:

Samsung’s #DITCHtheDSLR event appears to have largely been a success with young and old camera enthusiasts lining up and then discarding their DSLRs into the “Ditch Bin.”

Those of us who have had an opportunity to use Samsung’s mirrorless cameras know that they are more than a match for DSLRs, but consumers seemed to remain cautious to adopt the Samsung camera brand. The #DITCHtheDSLR event gave many a reason to finally get rid of their large and cumbersome traditional-mirrored DSLRs and switch to a top-of-the-line mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

Here’s what Samsung had to say about the event which took place on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 between 12pm – 6pm (ET)  at New York’s Times Square between 42nd and 43rd Streets:

More Than 10,000 Consumers Experienced the Event, Many Pledging to #DITCHtheDSLR in Favor of Samsung’s NX Mirrorless Camera Line-Up

Today Samsung ushered in a new era of photography at the #DITCHtheDSLR event in Times Square. Consumers joined Samsung to experience the full NX line, learn more about the future of digital photography, and pledge to #DITCHtheDSLR. Photo enthusiasts, who stood in line, were able to trade in their old DSLR in favor of one of Samsung’s new NX30 mirrorless cameras.

The first consumers to #DITCHtheDSLR lined up at 10 a.m. on June 3 – a full 24 hours before the event began!

During the large-scale Times Square activation, which took over the 42nd/43rd Street promenade, consumers enjoyed an interactive experience showcasing the NX camera line and the benefits of a mirrorless system. Consumers were able to capture vivid, high-quality images with the NX300 as slot cars raced around a track, recreate the celebrity-studded most re-tweeted image of all time with Samsung’s NX Mini and take in stunning images of the Times Square vista atop the Skydeck.

Adding further personalization to the event, consumers could see themselves on the Times Square billboard, with real-time imagery cycling through one of Manhattan’s busiest thoroughfares.

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