Tamron CEO Shiro Ajisaka Resigns, Is Replaced by Shogo Sakuraba

Shogo Sakuraba, CEO Tamro
Shogo Sakuraba, CEO Tamron
Tamron has announced that its CEO Shiro Ajisaka has resigned following accusations (from a whistleblower) that he misappropriated company money for personal purposes. The accusation is that he wined and dined a third-party person (unrelated to the company) multiple times a month for the last five years.

Ummm, I wonder how many US and Canadian CEOs and other executives do that everyday. Isn’t that considered a perk of being an executive? I guess technically you are not supposed to, and every business expense needs to be justified, so word to the wise: Do not assume you are entitled to these small perks. It can always be used against you in a dispute. Many execs are probably concerned now.

The Managing Director responsible for approving company expenses has also been demoted to Director.

Corporate Vice President Shogo Sakuraba (pictured above), who joined the company in 1981, has been promoted to President & CEO.