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This Week’s (Feb 25-Mar 2, 2012) Digital Camera Review Roundup

Here is this week’s (Feb 25-Mar 2, 2012) digital camera review roundup:

  • DPReview awards Silver to the Samsung NX200 as “a fine camera which is capable of producing excellent images.
  • DPreview has published their review of the Lytro Light Field camera — and give it their thumbs down as a consumer camera since “as a ‘don’t worry about focus’ point-and-shoot, the Lytro isn’t terribly successful.
  • TechRadar finds the Olympus SP-620UZ [QuickPrice Check] is a “budget priced 21x superzoom suitable for beginners.
  • CameraLabs highly recommends the Sony NEX-7 [QuickPrice Check] concluding that “its 24.3 Megapixel sensor produces excellent quality images that are at least the equal of those produced by most APS-C DSLRs to date.
  • DPReview reviews the Canon PowerShot ELPH 510 HS [QuickPrice Check] and finds that “image quality is good for its class, and generally quite impressive considering the ambitious range of its 12X zoom.
  • DigitalCameraReview recommends the Canon G1 X [QuickPrice Check] finding that “quite simply, the G1 X has by far the best high ISO performance of any Canon compact point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever reviewed.
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