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This Week’s (Jul 21-27, 2012) Digital Camera Review Roundup

Here is this week’s (Jul 21-27, 2012) digital camera review roundup:

  • PhotographyBLOG rates the Sony DSC-RX100 [QuickPrice Check] as “the best pocket camera that avid photographers can currently buy.
  • ePHOTOzine highly recommends the Samsung NX210 [QuickPrice Check] as “capable of taking some excellent photos, with plenty of detail, and very pleasing colours. Noise levels are low.
  • DPReview awards Silver to the Nikon D3200 [QuickPrice Check] finding it “a through and through solid entry-level camera that offers good image quality, decent performance and intuitive operation.
  • TrustedReviews highly recommends the Sony DSC-RX100 [QuickPrice Check] as “an excellent advanced compact that offers a near perfect blend of size, performance and image quality.
  • ePHOTOzine highly recommends the Samsung NX1000 [QuickPrice Check] finding it “manages to produces images with low noise levels, excellent levels of detail and excellent colour.
  • ePHOTOzine reviews the Fujifilm XP170 [QuickPrice Check] and finds that “if you aren’t going to be using the images for large prints but for sharing on the web, […] the XP170 [excels] with its range of features and handling.
  • ePHOTOzine highly recommends the Pentax K-30 [QuickPrice Check] concluding that “the weather sealed Pentax K-30 produces bright colourful images and offers excellent value for money.
  • ePHOTOzine reviews the budget-priced Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W690 [QuickPrice Check] compact ultra zoom and finds that “image quality is also good with good colour reproduction. […] The Sony Cybershot DSC-W690 is a decent compact digital camera.
  • PhotographyBLOG highly recommends the Samsung NX1000 [QuickPrice Check] concluding that “in terms of image quality, performance and features [the Samsung NX1000] is virtually the same [as the higher-priced NX210], with only slightly lesser build quality, a different kit lens and a few interface changes accounting for the price gap.
  • PhotographyBLOG highly recommends the Panasonic G5 [QuickFact Sheet] as “one of the best DSLR pretenders and one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market.
  • Imaging Resource highly recommends the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS [QuickPrice Check] since “among Travel Zoom digital cameras, the Canon SX260 HS stands out not just for its 20x zoom lens, but for its quite complete range of controls and impressive image quality [and] one of the easier, more versatile, and fun cameras we’ve tested in some time.
  • Ken Rockwell reviews the pro-level Canon EOS-1D X [QuickPrice Check] and recommends it for those shooting action and in inclement weather “if you earn your living with it.
  • Canon announced the EOS M, their first much-anticipated compact mirrorless digital camera.
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