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Samsung’s Vision for Compact System Camera

From SamsungImaging

It seems like camera companies are starting to rally over what to call the compact mirrorless DSLR, digital interchangeable lens, EVIL and what-not digital camera: the CSC, short for Compact System Camera. Not bad.

In this interview, Samsung product managers discuss their plan and vision for the NX Series, especially the lenses.

You can also read the interview at: Samsung Imaging.

There is also a picture of some early prototypes with retro rangefinder and 120 roll film box looks (the square/medium format was popular with pro photographers for the large negatives). The latter is especially interesting, if any of you still remembers square roll film. There is something about a square format that does not require the photographer to decide whether to take a landscape or portrait perspective. It’s more challenging to compose for a square format (without cropping) — but so much more enriching. Consider that in a landscape or portrait perspective, you are throwing away a lot of the image that the camera can actually capture. Will Samsung bring back the square format? I doubt it, but the fact that they seemed to have considered it is interesting.